Welcome to the official home for our Open Source projects

Ticketmaster/LNE is powered by Open Source software. We're committed to giving back to the FOSS community, and we've chosen GitHub in order to make collaborating on projects as simple as possible.

Metrilyx is a dashboard UI for the amazing OpenTSDB, a time series database which can be used to store huge numbers of host and application metrics. Metrilyx provides a fully-customizable interface for browsing and searching your data, with a focus on creating reusable containers for grouping. Dashboards can be linked for drill-down, graphs can be zoomed and data exported. Dashboards are stored as JSON and can be edited within the browser.

Onall is a tool to help admin large numbers of systems. Onall allows hostnames to be piped into STDIN and commands to be run (via ssh) on all piped systems in parallel. Command line options allow configuring the number of sequential hosts, the timeout and time between batches.

Other projects and code snippets are available in our GitHub repositories.